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Monday, 16 July 2012


It's only been a weekend, but i've learnt two things worth mentioning:

ONE] Swedish House Mafia are cursed. You've probably all heard the distressing and pretty shocking news that
         nine people were stabbed at their Phoneix Park gig in Dublin last week [not to mention the two overdose
         deaths and the thirty arrests]. It may or may not therefore come as a shock to find out that on Saturday
         after the band's gig at the Milton Keynes Bowl a further three people were stabbed. Am I the only one who
         thinks this is weird?! After the news about the first gig, not only would I have not gone to their MK gig, I

         would have:
               a] deleted all their songs from my itunes for fear of spreading the curse via cyber-waves and
               b] gone to the Scottish Highlands or somewhere equally as distant from Milton Keynes [I got as far
                   as Birmingham, not before battling my way through the masses of scantily-clad twenty somethings

                   dressed as teenagers buying tickets at Euston to [[yep, you've guessed it]] Milton Keynes]
         As a result I thought i'd have a listen to their tunes to see if I could hear any correlation between the music
         and the apocalyptic-esque news. All I can say is that they sound like a mish mash of listening to Justice

         but with a really horrendous internet connection that buffers every two seconds and the standard Ibiza-
         massiv character-less pounding dance tracks. One song you'll all recognise is One (Your Name), though
         there's no other justification for the hype and consequent tragedies surrounding them. Perhaps if you play
         the songs backwards there's some subliminal messaging akin to hypnosis [i'll never know because my
         tape-player got thrown out with my cuddly toys], but what I can tell you is that anyone who goes to

         Swedish House Mafia's next gig on 22nd November  is probably [most likely] certifiably insane.
I never trust people who wear sunglasses indoors.

TWO] The Olympics suck. Olympic Athletes have been tweeting about how disappointed they are with the
          Olympic 'vibe' so far after it took their coach four hours to get into the Olympic Village. Olympic gold and
          silver medalist Kerron Clement tweeted this encouraging little sentence earlier today: "Um, so we've been
          lost on the road for 4hrs. Not a good first impression London." I'm not sure I can add anything to this other
          than I can only begin to imagine how the Opening Ceremony is going to turn out. Oh well - at least now
          the games have come to the UK we can all stop being so pessimistic and watch the events first hand! Oh
Here's my six year old cousin's bedroom. Oh no. No wait, it's an example of a room in the Olympic Village.

I'm back on Thursday with a chili update [if they're still alive by then]


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